Reopening your business during a pandemic

Reopening your business during a pandemic.

Are restrictions holding you back?

If you’re struggling to reopen your business, but the restrictions are limiting you and your customers access with mandated accommodations and rules, then let’s think of other solutions to attract customers and at the same time protect you and your employees.  

Reopening your business and the overall health of our economy should be part of the equation while keeping people healthy.  Depending on your location, you are currently in different stages of reopening, but restrictions and fears are holding back the volume of business.  Don’t be dependent on layered promises from others that never materialize, take action for yourself with those that can be a partner in recovery by providing immediate actions to get your business back on track.

First of all, you need to protect yourself and your employees.  The issue is you are unable to accommodate the customers due to a wide range of issues such as the space needed to properly allow for social distancing.   

If you are not allowed to reopen, but can operate with limitations.

If you are allowed to reopen, but…

  • just can’t support the foot traffic and don’t have the space for social distancing
  • customers are not able or will not to come in for their own reasons.
  • you have tried will-call and curbside pick-up, but it is out of control.

Curb-side pick-up out of control
Curb-side pick-up out of control

Ask yourself, how do we decrease or eliminate foot traffic and continue to do business?

To get your business volume back to near pre-pandemic levels quickly, you need to get your products to your customers.  To do this, you need to look at the safest, least expensive, and least disruptive solutions and at the same time, protect yourself and your employees.  A solution would be to limit the random foot traffic into your location and stores. At the same time encourage orders to be taken on the phone, in email, or online and also add a delivery option to get those products delivered.  This would limit the outside exposure to your employees and be a solution to all those customers unable or unwilling to come in.

From essential products to daily goods, we have solutions.

  • If your local clients need your products, supplies and tools.
  • If your business needs locally sourced materials and supplies brought in.
  • If you need to get something picked up and delivered locally.

Utilize local professional drivers that can deliver your products, supplies and tools directly to your clients the same-day.

EZER Delivery offers you a direct connection to those local professional drivers for your local shipping, local delivery and last-mile solution needs for any type or size business and provides more flexibility, quicker service and full visibility.

  • Same-day, on-demand or scheduled pick-up and delivery, 7 days a week.
  • Parcel size packages, rush documents, bulky items, smaller LTL (single pallet) orders from 1 lb. to 2,000+ lbs.
  • Delivering just down the street or out to 150 miles and beyond with full on map, turn-by turn tracking with ETAs to the minute.
  • Event notifications tools and electronic POD available upon delivery with no hidden costs, no fuel surcharges and no extra fees.
  • EZER Delivery can be used remotely from home, at the office or from any location.

Let’s start a conversation to explore all the options available to you with EZER Delivery.

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