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With a good number of people working from home and the great increase in individuals ordering everything online for home delivery as the “current normal”, UPS and FedEx increased rates a couple of months ago to help with the growing home delivery costs involved. This increase in volume is also causing a ripple effect of delays throughout their systems for all customers where delivery of products and supplies are not delivered as scheduled. 

UPS increased ground rates on May 31st. with a $0.30 increase per parcel in the ground residential and SurePost services. In addition, there is a surcharge of $31.45 per parcel shipment on boxes more than 96 inches in length. (SurePost is the service where UPS uses the USPS for their final mile delivery.)

FedEx increased ground rates on June 8th. with a $0.30 increase per parcel in a residential delivery surcharge and a $0.40 increase per parcel on their SmartPosts services, their SurePost equivalent. In addition, FedEx added a $30.00 surcharge on each parcel more than 96 inches in length.

UPS and FedEx are overburdened with the volume increases and cannot adjust to keep up. These new rate increases are on top of the annual increases from January 2020.  The new rates and surcharges are focused on “larger” shippers that have increased their parcel shipment volumes from their volumes that were shipped in February, 2020. 

With the current increase of people working remotely for the long term and all the additional ordering online to have their products and supplies delivered to their homes, are these additional rates and surcharges not affecting just about every growing business? What are you getting with these rate increases? I’m sure it’s not anything new and improved, I don’t believe the service will be any quicker and you’re not getting any additional tools to save you time. Worst yet, more rate increases are going to be announced soon.

You need additional options for local orders.

  • If you have local customers.
  • If you’re shipping products and supplies locally.
  • If you have distribution points servicing a local region.
  • If you manufacture or assemble and transfer items locally.
  • If you’re tired of delays, unpredictable delivery schedules and volatile rate increases.

EZER offers a local shipping, local delivery and last-mile solution for any type or size business and provides more flexibility, quicker service and full visibility.

  • Same-day pick-up and delivery.
  • On-demand or scheduled as needed.
  • Available 7-days a week.
  • Parcel size packages, time sensitive documents, bulky items, smaller LTL (single pallet) orders.
  • Pricing per order, not per package. 
  • Weight flexibility from 1 lb. to 2,000+ lbs.
  • Distance flexibility from delivering down the street to 150 miles away and beyond.
  • Full on map, turn-by turn tracking with ETAs to the minute.
  • Event notifications and electronic POD available upon delivery.
  • No hidden costs, no fuel surcharges and no extra fees.
  • EZER can be used remotely from home, at the office or from any location.

If you need a daily local delivery partner or just an occasional local delivery, you can start using EZER in as quick as five minutes to just setup your account, with no membership charges. 

EZER is currently active seven major markets and growing. Currently servicing all of southern California, as well as in and around Phoenix AZ, Las Vegas NV, Houston TX, Chicago IL, Minneapolis MN, and Miami FL. EZER is available to expand into any city, worldwide. If you want EZER in your region, please contact us and let’s discuss how quick we can get there to help.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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