Beyond Will-Call and Curbside Pick-up.

Consider expanding customer options to protect your employees.

Let’s take some time to consider the near future. 

Re-opening businesses
Reopening after COVID-19

During these times of the COVID-19 pandemic and looking into the general reopening of businesses, Curbside and Will-Call options seam as common natural steps.  You will also need to consider that you will need to manage extra steps that you haven’t had to include in the past such as:

  • The number of individuals coming in at any given time.
  • You will need to manage each individual’s distances from one another as they pick up their orders.
  • You will need your staff to interact with these random individuals day-in and day-out as they come and go. 

Are you ready?

This biggest extra consideration should be caring for your staff. You do not want your staff to risk getting infected and the virus spreading to others ending up with you needing to close your business again for weeks while everyone recovers. How will your staff interact with your customers? How much can they physically help customers? 

At the same time, you will need to consider what your customer’s experience going to be? Yes, your customers might be fine with these options for a week or two, but what is best for the long term? You want and you need your customer’s experience to be positive.

You also need to think of the “what ifs”.

  • What are the plans if the customer needs help loading their vehicle?
  • What are the plans when the customer’s order doesn’t fit in their vehicle?
  • What if your customers are unable to come pick up their orders?

A win-win option to consider.

Win-Win for your business
Adding options is a Win-Win

Another option for you to consider is adding more options with value…including Same-Day Delivery. Your customers will benefit and appreciate additional options to get supplies, tools, equipment or products for their customer’s or for themselves as the end users.  Adding additional options can be a win-win in customer service and in protecting your staff. Your customers will get their items and your staff will not be interacting face to face as much with random individuals.

EZER is available to provide Same-Day Delivery for your business clients and end user customers up to 150 miles, seven days a week. This is a FREE option to add to your operation and gives you all the tools needed to order, monitor and track orders from the pick-up location to the final destination with ETAs to the minute. Take a look at what EZER can offer your business at and let’s have a discussion on how adding options can be a win-win for your business.

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