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Partnerships for successful E-commerce experiences

Originally published on July 12, 2017

E-Commerce has definitely been the driving force in change toward what can be delivered and when it can be delivered. Customers are ordering more and more online and must have it now. Distribution centers, fulfillment centers, local manufactures, local retailers, TL and even LTL carriers need to response to the now requests and will need to partner with those that are the best choice in getting items delivered. 

Yes, even LTL carriers. It is not cost effective for a LTL carrier to be out on a 10 mile run into a community with tight streets to deliver a pair of skis, a BBQ or a recliner. There are just too many hassles with traffic delays and liabilities. It is far more cost effective to keep the trucks moving on the road between locations and leaving the local, last mile deliveries to vehicles within the community. Most truck drivers really do not want to be making home deliveries. It’s not what they thought of when they decided to drive a truck. Overall, local communities do not want more large trucks on their local streets.

Nevertheless, customers are still expecting quick delivery on items and the longer it takes to get those items delivered will also increase the chances for buyer’s remorse. The E-commerce experience for a customer is not only how well the ordering function works on the website, but how quick the order can be delivered. All orders, from a 5 pound package to a 200 pound item should be delivered as quickly as possible. If the distribution point is local, it should be the same day. A partner is needed that is structured to deliver locally the same day and is able to handle items of all sizes. Yes, there is a cost involved, but customers are willing to pay a minimal, fair price for quick service and getting items delivered the same day, in most cases within minutes.

If you’re searching for a true partner to handle your local, same day, last mile deliveries, EZER is the right choice. EZER offers local delivery on-demand or scheduled as needed for B2B and B2C customers and EZER is expandable to any city worldwide. No hidden costs, no afterhours fee and no peak season spikes, just a fair cost to get E-commerce orders into your customer’s hands the same day, 7 days a week. 

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