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How can retail survive?

Originally published on July 1, 2018

With the closing down of Toys-R-Us, there has been a lot of talk of what could have been done to save such a beloved store chain. Many different big box stores need to review what they need to do to better compete and most of all, what are they going to do to get potential customers in their four walls. In my opinion, Toys-R-Us lost a spark of that something special when founder, Charles Lazarus left Toys-R-Us in 1998.  Toys-R-Us didn’t evolve and pivot quick enough in the changing landscape of the market.  Retail chains need to develop a lasting strategic plan that will not only provided the items customers want, but also be sustainable to grow as the needs of customers change. 

Stores need to think beyond the traditional big box to make the visit to a store an experience that is attractive to customers, something they might want to revisit over and over. As a kid, you wanted to go to Toys-R-Us because you enjoyed and remembered the experience. This experience would be different for each type of retailer and the difference cannot only be focused on the “lowest price”, but something unique and memorable.

Here is an idea, maybe make the store experience more of a place to experience, test or learn about the products and less of just rows and rows of shelves. A retail store can be a location to choose the type of products a customer discovers they need, order on a kiosk at the store and the product is delivered to their home on their schedule.

Yes, large and small items can be delivered the same-day, 7 days a week, from any local distribution point, be it from a store or local warehouse. Stores of all sizes can partner with EZER to offers same day, direct, delivery without high delivery rates, no accessorial fees and no seasonal rate increases. 

For more information, please visit GetEZER.com and let’s have a conversation.

It’s time to rethink local delivery.

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