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Delivered or Dropped Off ?

Originally published on January 12, 2019

During this last holiday season, were your orders all “delivered” or “dropped off” to your customers? 

All the major carriers are touting their year-over-year improvements of on-time deliveries and a record number of deliveries, according to ShipMatrix data in a recent article written in FreightWaves

My question is of all of those “deliveries”, how many were received? 

Porch Pirates

With the ever growing “Porch Pirate” epidemic, we need to also be very aware of how orders are being delivered.  The final data is not in for 2018, but data reported from 2017 pointed out that one-third of Americans have experienced packages stolen off of their porch and that a majority of package thefts occurred during the daytime hours.  There were 25.9 million Americans that had holiday packages stolen in 2017 and I’ll bet this figure is higher for 2018.  The practice of carriers leaving packages on a porch without even ringing the doorbell or knocking is unacceptable and costing companies millions. 

The simple solution is to focus on customer service. Delivering customer order’s should to be completed with a final mile partner that is an extension of a company’s focus on servicing the customer, not just dropping off the packages. EZER can be that partner, this is what EZER does every day and we can proudly report we have experienced zero stolen deliveries. Why, because we do not drop off packages unattended. Orders with EZER are delivered on the customer’s schedule and delivered direct.

It’s time to rethink local delivery. 

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